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Our new iCharacter Sheet d20 now available ... with digital dice! Check out our YouTube preview and head over to the Products page for links and info!!

Support FAQ

For any support issues regarding any Digital Adventures product please email us at support@digitaladventures.net. Below is a list of current questions/issues to date regarding some of our products. Please consult this FAQ prior to contacting us regarding issues.

iSpells & iMonsters

What creatures and spells are included in these product? Only those as outlined in the Standard Reference Document, published by Wizards of the coast.

What model iPhone will run these applications?
The iSpells and iMonsters apps should run on iPhone models 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 and future releases. Regarding coding, these apps were compiled to run on XCode build 3.0.

Does the full version of the iMonsters app have creature images?
No. Creature images from Wizards of the Coast are copyrighted and not part of their SRD/OGL agreements.

Support Issues to Date
   * May perform slowly on 3G phones following the iOS 4 update.

iCharacter Sheet

What are the system requirements?
The iCharacter Sheet app for iOS will run on both the iPad and iPad 2, supported on the iOS v4 platform and the latest version of iTunes. The Mac version is supported by the Mac App Store, which requires OS X. The Windows version runs on OSs XP - 7, both 32 and 64 bit versions, and requires at least 1gig of RAM.

How does the product licensing work?
For iOS and the Mac versions iCharacter Sheet licensing is handled by Apple's App Store security model. For Windows you are allowed one copy of the application per computer, which is designated during the installation process. If you later wish to switch the app to another Windows computer/device you need to email us so we can release the association so a new computer can be registered under that serial key.

Does this product run different on the three different operating systems?
No. iCharacter Sheet products are designed to look and function the same on each of the three operating platforms. PC/laptop/tablet interaction is going to be different based on your device only.

What is disabled in the free version of iCharacter Sheet?
The free versions currently posted for download cannot save characters or export/email them.

Is this product a character generation application?
No. iCharacter Sheet products are designed to duplicate your average character sheet that you take to the gaming table, and does not contain a database of gaming data that automatically populates. Like the pen-and-paper games, you have to fill out your character sheet by hand (or finger) prior to your game.

How does the character export feature work?
To keep the iCharacter Sheet application consistant between operating systems, we use the default email client to export the character sheet and the character portrait. Once clicked/touched an email with these attachments is opened and can be sent to yourself or someone else. If all you need is the file (to print or save), just right-click and save both files to your hard drive (Mac and Windows only) and delete the email draft. Your computer must have a default email setup for the export to work.

Support Issues to Date
   * Bluetooth keyboards sometimes do not function correctly for the iOS (iPad) version. This is a deficency in XCode (Apple programming code), and at this time is not an issue we can correct.

   * Incremental backup software may cause an application crash on Windows PCs (Mac unknown). The backup software can lock or change files causing lockups or crashes, resulting in the complete loss of the character. Please turn off backup software prior to launch.

   * The iCharacter Sheet application is currently untested on Windows tablet devices.

   * Due to coding issues we are unable to offer Android versions of our products at this time.

   * The export function will not work with free web email services such as Gmail or Yahoo unless you link them as your default email through an application such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

   * We've had reports of iCS 2.0 sheets (the one with dice) crashing on iPad 1 hardware. We are working to improve/prevent these issues, but if you have an iPad 1 you may wish to hold off purchasing until we've issued a patch to our 2.0 products.