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Our new iCharacter Sheet d20 now available ... with digital dice! Check out our YouTube preview and head over to the Products page for links and info!!

iCharacter Sheet

Screen Shots
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Castles & Crusades
4E Sheet 1 C&C Sheet 1
4E Sheet 2 C&C Sheet 2
4E Sheet 3 C&C Sheet 3
4E Sheet 4 C&C Sheet 4
4E Sheet 5 C&C Sheet 5
C&C Sheet 6

How to Print an iCharacter Sheet

iCharacter Sheet Printing Help Document.pdf

Example iCS Exports

4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons
Xak the Mighty (1st level Barbarian, 4th Edition D&D)

Castles & Crusades
Ludacrith the Insane (5th level Wizard, C&C)
Madrigar Korde (3rd level Ranger, C&C)
Maranzercir (1st level Rogue, C&C)
Oraos (1st level Fighter, C&C)
Phillipe Desjardin (2nd level Fighter, C&C)
Selbyrdua (1st level Cleric, C&C)
Selethira (1st level Assassin, C&C)
Stalarla (1st level Ranger, C&C)
Tarasus (1st level Paladin, C&C)
Rowura (1st level Druid, C&C)
Zellos (1st level Wizard, C&C)