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Our new iCharacter Sheet d20 now available ... with digital dice! Check out our YouTube preview and head over to the Products page for links and info!!


on 7th April 2012

Our iCharacter Sheet 2.0 has been out for awhile, and we have a few updates regarding this product and Digital Adventures in 2012! Please check out our 2012 Upodate page for more information on iCS 2.0 and other digital goodies!

on 4th Nov 2011

The iCharacter Sheet for d20 is now available, and with v2 of our iCS products we now have digital dice that can be rolled within the character sheet! These digital dice to use in your game: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d100. You can also roll ad hoc amounts such as 1d3, 2d10+7, 4d4+100, etc. The rolling of dice is also tied to ability scores, saving throws, weapons, and skills. Check out our Products page to download them now!

on 14th June 2011

Mac OS version of our products are now available! After a bit of struggling with the Mac App Store submission process, we finally have our iCharacter Sheets for 4th Edition D&D and Castles & Crusdaes up for sale! Check out our Products page to download them now!

on 5th June 2011

Defend the World of Aihrde with the iCharacter Sheet for Castles & Crusades! Digital Adventures and Troll Lord Games has teamed up to give you an electronic character sheet for the popular Castles & Crusades product. Developed for the iPad, native Mac, and Windows you can now store your character electronically, print off your PC for your weekly game, or even email your new character Dungeon Keeper for approval when you die in last week's game! See our Products page to download your copy today!

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