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Our new iCharacter Sheet d20 now available ... with digital dice! Check out our YouTube preview and head over to the Products page for links and info!!

about Digital Adventures

Founded in 2005, Digital Adventures entered the RPG industry converting publisher and OGL material for the Fantasy Grounds virtual gaming tabletop software. Our achivements there included ruleset conversions for popular gaming systems such as Arcana Evolved, Savage Worlds, Castles and Crusades, Call of Cthulhu, and Rolemaster Classic.

In the fall of 2009 ownership of Fantasy Grounds changed hands, and Digital Adventures sold all FG properties to the software's new owners, SmiteWorks USA. Digital Adventures won't be independently developing Fantasy Grounds products at this time as the sale was contingent on a non-compete clause. Future collaboration with SmiteWorks on Fantasy Grounds products is a possibility, but nothing has been finalized.

In late April of 2010 Digital Adventures entered the ever-growing mobile application market with the release of iSpells SRD for the iPhone, and a month later added its sister application iMonster SRD.

Then in February of 2011 Digital Adventures announced to the world its iCharacter Sheet brand with the release of the iCharacter Sheet for 4th Edition D&D, and later in June added the iCharacter Sheet for Castles & Crusades. The iCharacter Sheet product is revoluntionary in the RPG industry in that it was released for three different computer operating systems: iOS (iPad), Mac OS, and the Windows platform.

Digital Adventures is committed to developing quality products for the RPG industry, both mobile applications and other ventures to be announced. If you experience any issue with our products please refer to our Support page for more information.